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Front Lower Control Arm for Honda City TMO – 1 Year Warranty

Front Lower Control Arm for Honda City TMO – 1 Year Warranty
Application :
Honda City TMO (2009-2014)
Brand: Asimco or Equivalent


Product Description

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Front Lower Control Arm for Honda City TMO – 1 Year Warranty
Application :
Honda City TMO (2009-2014)
Brand: Asimco or Equivalent

– Please note that this product comes with Left / Right Hand Side variations. Please ensure the product position has been chosen correctly when placing the order.
(Produk ini mempunyai variasi kiri / kanan. Pastikan variasi produk telah dipilih dengan betul semasa membuat pesanan.)

– This premium product comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing and material defect. Buyer shall responsible for shipping charges for returns. Once the returned item is received and inspected, 100% of the product purchased price will be refunded within 3 working days. The refund does NOT include outgoing shipping charge.
(Produk premium ini memberi jaminan 1 tahun terhadap kecacatan proses pembuatan dan bahan pembuatan. Pembeli harus bertanggungjawab untuk caj penghantaran pulangan. Setelah item yang dikembalikan diterima dan diperiksa, 100% daripada harga pembelian asal akan dikembalikan dalam masa 3 hari bekerja. Kami tidak akan bertanggungjawab ke atas segala caj-caj penghantaran.)

– It is advisable to contact us, to check on stock availability and compatibility of the advertised part before ordering.
(Adalah dinasihatkan menghubungi kami untuk mengetahui ketersediaan stok dan kesesuaian barangan yang diiklankan sebelum buat pesanan.)

– Lower arm bush is included.

– The control arms on a vehicle are very important suspension component, as they are the component that links the spindle, hubs, and therefore wheel to the vehicle’s chassis. When they become worn it can cause problems for the vehicle that may compromise handling, comfort, and safety.

– Symptoms of bad control arm include:
+ Steering wheel vibration- If the bushings or ball joints in the control arm become excessively worn it can cause wheel shimmy, which may cause vibrations that may be felt in the wheel. The vibrations may increase as you accelerate and smoothed out once you are traveling at speed.
+ Steering wandering- Excessively worn ball joints or bushings can cause the vehicle’s steering alignment to shift, which may cause the steering to pull to the left or right when traveling down the road. This will require a constant correction from the driver in order to steer the vehicle straight.
Clunking noises- If the bushings or ball joints develop excessive play or looseness, this can cause them to knock during takeoff, or when the vehicle is traveling over rough terrain.

– Product shape / configuration as shown in Photos, however the colors may vary depending on production batch and materials composition.