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Silicone Vacuum Air Hose 3 mm 4 mm 6 mm 8 mm ( unit in feet / 12 inch / kaki ) Hos Air Angin Udara Vakum Silikon


Product Description

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Silicone Vacuum Air Oil Water Hose 6 mm 8 mm ( unit in feet / 12 inch / kaki ) Hos Air Angin Minyak Udara Vakum Silikon

Application (Aplikasi) :
– Universal Application (Pelbagai Aplikasi)

Inner Diameter : 3mm / 4mm / 6mm / 8mm
Wall Thickness : about 2mm / 2.5mm


Features (Ciri-ciri) :

– Suitable as Water / Vacuum / Air / Oil hose.
– High Quality Product (Produk Berkualiti Tinggi)
– Flexible and Elastic (Fleksibel dan elastik)
– Extreme Temperatures Resilient (Tahan Suhu Tinggi)
– Chemicals Resistance (Tahan Bahan Kimia)


– Please make sure a correct product size (Inner Diameter) is chosen in product variation. (Sila pastikan saiz produk yang betul (Diameter Dalam) dipilih dalam variasi produk.)

– Quantity in foot unit ; 1 foot = 304 mm. (Kuantiti dalam unit kaki ; 1 kaki = 304 mm)

– We will supply a continuous run of hose length. Example, if you order 3X of quantity, we will supply 1 piece of 3 feet long hose, not 3 pieces of 1 foot long hose.
(Kami akan membekalkan panjang hos yang berterusan. Contohnya, jika anda memesan 3X kuantiti, kami akan membekalkan 1 gelung hos yang panjangnya 3 kaki, bukannya 3 gelung hos yang panjangnya 1 kaki.)

– Product shape / configuration as shown in photos, however the colour may vary depending on production batch and materials composition. The manufacturer may change the product packaging from time to time without prior notice.